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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
Does the Conceal Carry Course Certification qualify me to apply for my local state permit? 

Our Conceal Carry Courses taught "in person" qualify for the state we are teaching in along with the ability to then apply for the Virginia Non-Resident Permit as well.

Any State that our Online Options are offered will qualify students to apply for the Virigina Permit and in some cases will qualify for their local state permit. (ie: Iowa, Colorado*, Virginia, Arizona) 

You will need to check your states CCW/CHP/CPL law on accepted training. 

If it states that "any" firearm training course taught/offered by an NRA Instructor/Public/Private Institution and does not have any stipulations against "online training" courses than it is likely your state will accept our Online Options as well even if not listed.

ALL our certificates are hand signed whether given after class or mailed to your home address and all certificates are the same with no difference between Online or In Person selection.

Does the Course include or require me to do live fire/shooting range training to qualify?

No. Most of the states we operate in (live courses) do not have a "live fire" training requirement but please verify by checking your state statutes prior to enrolling into our ONLINE options if you want to apply for a local permit.

We do offer both basic "traditional shooting range style" training as well as "self defensive handgun" basic and advanced courses that are done on a shooting range. Private, Small Group and Open Group options available.

We of course HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you do take a follow LIVE FIRE TRAINING course!!!


QUESTION: How long is my permit valid?
ANSWER: Iowa Nonprofessional permits to carry will be valid for five years from the date of issue (unless revoked). Professional permits to carry will remain valid for one year from the date of issuance (unless revoked).

QUESTION: Under the new law, do I have to carry my handgun concealed?
ANSWER: Iowa law has not changed in this regard. You may carry concealed or you may carry openly; however, most permit holders carry concealed to avoid making it obvious that the person is armed, thus avoiding unnecessary attention, concern, or alarm.

QUESTION: Does my Iowa permit to carry allow me to have a loaded firearm anywhere in my vehicle?
ANSWER: Yes. You may carry a loaded handgun, rifle or shotgun in a motor vehicle; however this does not apply to snowmobiles or all-terrain vehicles (see Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

QUESTION: What are the training requirements for the renewal of an Iowa professional or nonprofessional permit to carry weapons?
ANSWER: For renewal of a permit, the training program requirements for a new Iowa professional or nonprofessional permit to carry or the renewal applicant may choose to qualify on a firing range under the supervision of an instructor certified by the National Rifle Association or certain other firearms training certifying bodies (such as the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy). Such training or qualification must occur within the twelve-month period prior to the expiration of the applicant's current permit.

*Our Online Advanced Video Course does meet the RENEWAL requirements for Iowa*

QUESTION: If my most recent Iowa permit to carry expired two months ago, will my permit application be considered an application for a new permit or for a renewal?
ANSWER: There is a requirement that an application for the renewal of a current permit must be received by the issuing officer at least thirty days prior to the expiration date of the current permit to be eligible for the statutory $25.00 renewal fee. Otherwise, the statutory permit issuance fee will be $50.00. The same application form and background check requirements will apply to both new and renewal applications.

QUESTION: Do I have to re-qualify when my new permit expires in 5 years?
ANSWER: Yes, in 5 years you will have the option to renew by either taking a course or qualifying on the range.

QUESTION: Do I get a permit after taking your course?
ANSWER: Permits will still be issued by the Sheriff in the county which you reside. After you complete our course you will be issued a certificate of training completion only. When you apply for your permit the Sheriff of the county you reside in will perform a background check and issue the permit.

QUESTION: Can my permit to carry license be used to purchase firearms.
ANSWER: Yes, the new permit will act as a purchase permit for all 5 years while still valid. 


All the info for EVERY state in regards to Conceal Carry Law!

Updated regularly and the best way to ensure laws and reciprocity coverage BEFORE you travel to and through other states.

Application LINKS are also available on their site by clicking the STATE of interest on the map.